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Dakin’s Solution is a sodium hypochlorite-based wound management formulation available in four different strengths. The variety of potencies offer wound care professionals greater flexibility when treating acute and chronic wounds, like burns, diabetic ulcers, surgical incisions, pressure sores, and more. 

The sodium hypochlorite mixture found in Dakin’s Solutions is based on a recipe over 100 years in the making. Back then, the solution was used for the treatment and infection-prevention of wartime wounds. Today, Dakin’s Solutions are still used to care for wounds and injuries in clinics, hospitals, practices, and homes across the country. 

Some wound care professionals consider Dakin’s Solution to be the wound care agent they can’t treat without. Others ‌have raised concerns about the safety and efficacy of our products. 

Are Dakin’s Solutions and wound cleansers really safe on skin and tough on bacteria? Are they non-cytotoxic? Are Dakin’s Wound Cleanser and Dakin’s Wound Cleanser Pro FDA approved?

Take a look at the science and data-backed answers to the three biggest questions professionals and patients have about Dakin’s, and find out for yourself.

3 Common misconceptions about Dakin’s Solutions—and the truth about our wound care solutions

Myth #1: Dakin’s isn’t approved by the FDA

The truth? Dakin’s Wound Cleanser and Wound Cleanser Pro have both been cleared and approved by the FDA as medical devices.

Specifically, both cleanser formulations have approved indications for use in the “cleansing of minor cuts, minor lacerations, minor abrasions and minor wounds, and for removal of foreign objects such as dirt and debris.”

You can learn more about our FDA approval and safety tips here.

Myth #2: Dakin’s doesn’t reduce microbial activity

The truth? Contrary to this claim, there is scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of Dakin’s Solution in reducing microbial activity. 

In fact, one study showed that Dakin’s Wound Cleanser, our 0.0125% sodium hypochlorite solution, significantly reduced a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms. Even antibiotic-resistant and biofilm-forming bacteria, like MRSA and VRE, were killed within just 30 seconds of contact. 

Not only has Dakin’s Solution been shown effective against a wide variety of harmful microorganisms, other studies have suggested Dakin’s Solution can actually accelerate healing time in wounds like second-degree burns, and can be used to prepare infected wound beds for skin grafting. 

Together, these studies show that Dakin’s wound care formulations are capable of not just fighting infection, but also aid in keeping wounds healthy and patients safe. 

Myth #3: All Dakin’s solutions are cytotoxic

The truth? Dakin’s Wound Cleanser and Di-Dak-SolⓇ, our 0.0125% sodium hypochlorite formulations, are non-cytotoxic, and our Wound Cleanser Pro and Dakin’s Quarter Strength Solution (0.125% sodium hypochlorite) don’t inhibit wound healing

In fact, in a 14-day study of skin continuously treated with 1% and 5% concentration sodium hypochlorite solutions, no significant differences in basal cell viability were noticed during the first week of treatment. In the second week, there was a 15% decrease in basal cell viability in the sample treated with 5% concentration. However, the 1% sodium hypochlorite solution was not shown to impact basal cell viability during the entire two-week period.  

Dakin’s solutions come in four formulations to give medical professionals the flexibility to fight infection and aid healing throughout every stage of a wound’s progression. Some wound care experts reach for higher concentrations to quickly eliminate harmful bacteria and debride wounds, while others opt for our lowest concentration—which is non-cytotoxic, but still tough on infection. 

For reliable and effective wound treatment, choose Dakin’s Solution

Medical professionals and their patients have trusted Dakin’s solutions for over 100 years. Despite the misconceptions about Dakin’s Solution, and sodium hypochlorite-based wound treatments, Dakin’s is a viable wound care option that can aid in the healing and infection-prevention of a variety of wounds and injuries. Plus, with a two-year shelf life and an affordable price tag, it’s one of the simplest and most flexible ways to care for chronic, acute, and hard-to-heal wounds.

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