About Dakin’s

For more than 50 years, Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has been fiercely loyal to customers across the US and around the world.  With each Dakin’s product line, we promise FDA oversight and a safe manufacturing process for all of our products, (cGMP) the same way we have since 1966. From our family to yours. 

The Story

Dakin’s Solution® was developed on the battlefield in World War I through a special buffering process of bleach so that it would not damage the skin while still destroying bacteria. The process, more complicated than mere dilution, was quick to replicate and saved the lives of thousands in the war. This breakthrough had one downside: the drug was only stable for two days. The pharmacist Ross Deardorff, founder of Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and a US Air Force Veteran, perfected a formulation of Dakin’s that was stable for two years, as opposed to two days. After the release of Century’s Dakin’s Solution, pharmacists and healthcare professionals around the country revered its effectiveness. Doctors began to request various strengths and multiple versions of the formulation to meet specific cases and demands, which has spurred Century to create two product lines of Dakin’s.

Dakin’s is exclusively manufactured and packaged by Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which was founded in 1966 by Ross and Carol Deardorff. The company started by manufacturing pharmaceutical tablets, liquids, and custom healthcare products for hospitals across the US. In 1982, Century Pharmaceuticals made its name by manufacturing Dakin’s Solution, a sodium hypochlorite solution used for cleansing wounds and surfaces. The Deardorff family, now a third generation company, continues working in the Midwest with it’s small team and invaluable support.