Wound Care Solutions Should be Safe and Simple

Medical professionals—and their patients—deserve proven wound care products they can rely on throughout every stage of the healing process. For acute, chronic, and complex wounds, confident care starts with Dakin’s.

Manufactured in the US

Third-generation, family-owned company

FDA-approved medical device

In use since 1916

Original formula developed in WWI

Available through all major medical distributors

You want the best for your patients. So do we.

Optimal wound care plans minimize discomfort, eradicate infection, and promote healing. But it’s hard to find proven and affordable wound cleansing solutions that are effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

Quality, safety, and efficacy are our key priorities. From our antibiotic- and steroid-free wound cleansers, to our targeted and convenient sprayer bottles, we follow safe manufacturing processes and strict FDA requirements to produce a robust line of wound products you can trust.

Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc is the exclusive manufacturer of Dakin’s Solution and Wound Cleansers. We are an FDA registered facility, ISO 13485 certified, and carefully follow cGMP regulations for the high-quality production of every product.

Photo of Dr. Dakin

Dr. Henry Dakin

Photo of Ross Deardorff

Ross Deardorff

About Dakin’s Solution 

From the battlefield of World War I, to your neighborhood pharmacy, Dakin’s reputation is over 100 years in the making.

When WWI broke out, the medical community faced an urgent challenge: Develop an effective, accessible, and non-irritating wound cleanser—or continue losing brave soldiers to treatable injuries and infections. 

In 1916, Dr. Henry Dakin developed the original Dakin’s Solution, the sodium hypochlorite-based wound cleanser than would go on to save countless lives during WWI and the decades to follow. 

The wound cleanser was effective, easy to make, and affordable. In fact, many pharmacists around the world still compound the original Dakin’s formulation to this day. But with a two-day shelf-life, the usability of this historic formulation is limited. 

In 1982, Ross Deardorff and the team at Century Pharmaceuticals modernized Dakin’s Solution—extending its shelf-life and expanding adoption.

Using proprietary manufacturing methods, Deardorff and his team successfully developed four formulations of the original Dakin’s Solution. With varying strengths, these buffered concentrations empower healthcare professionals around the world to offer safe, simple, and effective wound care, throughout the healing process. 

Century Pharmaceuticals is proud to be a third-generation company, unwaveringly committed to happy, healthy healing

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