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As a pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of in-house, over-the-counter Dakin’s Solution, we typically receive a wide variety of questions. Many often ask about the different strengths of Dakin’s and why the percentages don’t necessarily match the descriptor. For example, our Sodium Hypochlorite 0.50% solution is called “full strength.” But, why?

Four bottles of Dakin's Solution

What is Full Strength?

The term “full strength” refers to the highest concentration tolerable to the skin. There are many different strengths that can be found in our reference guide. This reference guide breaks down the strengths by the percentage of Sodium Hypochlorite and the NaOCI – the chemical compound for Sodium Hypochlorite – parts per million. 


Century Pharmaceuticals’ Dakin’s SolutionDakin's Full Strength bottle

Century’s Dakin’s Solution Full Strength is Century Pharmaceuticals’ highest strength of Sodium Hypochlorite available. This solution has been used for a wide variety of wound care and treatment since the early 1900s when Henry Dakin first developed the solution. Century Pharmaceuticals improved upon the original formula and made it less irritable on the skin. Being the highest available strength, Dakin’s Solution Full Strength can be used up to twice daily as an antimicrobial. If using this product, be sure to follow directions given by a medical professional.

Strength Dilution

Before any concentration can be used on the skin, it must be buffered. What is buffering? When Sodium Hypochlorite products are buffered, their pH is lowered. This makes the solution much more tolerable to the skin when compared to diluted bleach. We want to warn you to never apply diluted bleach directly to the skin without buffering it first.

Diluted bleach should be used with caution; ventilation should be adequate and consistent with relevant occupational health and safety guidance.

If you find yourself with diluted bleach on your skin, be sure to contact a medical professional.

A Safe Solution

Century’s Dakin’s Solution Full Strength may be our highest concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite, but it’s easy on the skin. If irritation should ever occur while using the product, call a medical professional for further advice.

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