Pressure sores are a somewhat common injury that can occur for the elderly or patients who are wheelchair or bed-bound. These decubitus ulcers (or more commonly “bedsores”) are caused by constant pressure or rub on a specific area of the skin which severely reduces blood flow. This kills skin cells and opens a sore, typically on the back, shoulders, ankles, buttocks or hip.

Left to persist, ulcers can grow in severity through several stages, from a simple small, painful area to a situation where the wound becomes deep enough to damage the muscles, bones, tendons and joints of the affected area. Those who suffer, or care for someone who suffers, from pressure ulcers know just how nasty they can be.

To keep bedsores from growing from bad to worse, properly managing these sores is paramount. Here are a few important tips for effective pressure ulcer care.

Change Pressure Area and Position

Donut-shaped pillows can be used for patients in both beds and wheelchairs to keep pressure off the affected areas. Likewise, there are cushions filled with water or air to give support without excessive pressure.

It is good practice to change positions to alleviate pressure off just one spot. For wheelchair-bound patients, shifting position once about every 15 minutes can be enough to help not only manage the sore but help prevent them from occurring. Those in beds can benefit from movement about every 2 hours.

Keep Ulcers Clean

Already a painful wound, ulcers can easily become worse and can get infected, making it important to regularly clean and replace wrapping on the bedsore and surrounding area. For lower severity and lower stage ulcers, mild soap and water regularly can be an effective measure.

However, for more severe sores and the most effective infection-fighting measures, try Dakin’s Solutions. Combining powerful cleaning and infection prevention with a formula that is gentle on skin, Dakin’s is an effective solution for care of ulcers and wounds of all sorts.

Maintain healthy habits

While it can sometimes be a challenge for those confined to beds or wheelchairs, doing your best to maintain a regular habit of exercise of some sort can go a long way in healing and preventing additional sores. Exercise keeps the body moving as well as promotes internal growth of infection and wound fighting cells.

The same goes for maintaining a healthy diet in addition to exercise. Ensuring your body is regularly given healthy foods provides proper vitamins and nutrients that promote wound healing, skin cell growth and ward off infection.

See a doctor immediately if you have a fever and your sore smells, swells or is draining. Proper wound care is never something to be taken lightly. If you or someone you love suffers from pressure ulcers, they deserve the best and most effective treatment. Dakin’s Solution is an over the counter drug that can be used to treat ulcers and prevent skin infections.