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When manufactured by Century Pharmaceuticals, Dakin’s Solution lasts significantly longer than solutions manufactured elsewhere. Our unique formula increases the shelf life of Dakin’s from 48 hours to a year or two depending on the strength. At Century, Dakin’s Full Strength lasts 12 months while our other products all last 24 months.

Typical sodium hypochlorite solutions deteriorate quickly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at normal pH (6-8), sodium hypochlorite can degrade substantially within just a few weeks. These solutions deteriorate even faster when exposed to light, heat or contamination with metallic ions such as nickel or copper. The presence of such metals in the solution will promote degradation.

The presence of metallic ions will cause the formation of oxygen in the solution which increases decomposition. Century’s Dakin’s solutions use high quality, purified water with low metallic ions. Our products are also manufactured with special equipment. It is because of this extra care that the stability of our products is much longer than typical sodium hypochlorite solutions.

Dakin’s Solution is buffered which gives it a longer shelf life. Buffering is a process to make a solution that can resist pH change by adding salt of a weak base or weak acid. This is not to be confused with diluting which is the process to make a lower concentration by adding water or other solvents to it.

Here at Century, we monitor and test every single lot of Dakin’s multiple times until its expiration date. This is done in order to assure the batch maintains its effectiveness. If a batch shows signs of losing potency, Century can take action before the product actually loses all of its potency.

By purchasing Dakin’s Solution through Century, you are assured consistent strength and longevity from batch to batch. Many patients try to make Dakin’s Solution at home, but by doing this, these individuals are putting themselves at risk. When manufactured properly by a reputable company, Dakin’s Solution is an effective wound cleanser that can be used to disinfect all types of wounds, including acute and chronic wounds.


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