Wound Care for Burns: How Does Dakin’s Solution Compare?

Burn injuries are now considered a global health concern, with the World Health Organization reporting 11 million burn injuries annually—leading to 180,000 tragic fatalities. While these are the reported cases of serious burn injuries, the actual number of burns experienced around the world is significantly higher. That’s what makes burn care education, and effective, accessible burn wound care solutions, essential to the health and safety of burn victims everywhere.

Wound care for burns is particularly challenging for four key reasons

Burns are unique—and uniquely dangerous—because of the body’s whole-system response to the injury. Severe burns don’t just damage the skin. They can trigger a dual immune-inflammatory response, change the metabolism of the patient, and even send their organs into shock. Plus, burn injuries can have a life-long impact on the mental health of the burn victim, especially if the wounds leave permanent visible scarring.

These four complicating factors make wound care for burns even more challenging:

  • Burn depth is difficult to measure. In general, the deeper the burn wound, the more complex (and urgent) treatment, healing, and scar management become. But burn size and depth estimates can be inaccurate, depending on the burn location, patient age, skin type, and type of burn. That makes it hard to determine which burn wounds need surgery, and which can heal with topical treatment.
  • Burns heal slowly. Burn wounds often heal slowly due to the damaged skin and underlying tissues. This slow healing process increases the risk of infection and scarring, and prolongs the necessary treatment time.
  • Frequent dressing changes. Some burn wounds can require multiple and frequent dressing changes throughout the healing process, or multiple dressing types as the wound progresses. This increases the risk of biofilm-forming bacteria and serious infection, adding complexity to the wound care treatment plan.
  • The need for surgery or skin grafts. Severe burns may require surgical intervention, early excision, or skin grafting to cover larger wounds. But without widely accepted burn treatment standards, it can be difficult to predict which treatment method is best suited for the burn.

These complicating factors particularly impact third- and fourth-degree burns. But even second-degree burn wound care requires careful attention to these complexities, which makes an effective treatment plan all the more critical.

The role of Dakin’s Solution in wound care for burns

All burns, from everyday kitchen burns to life-threatening heat or chemical-inflicted injuries, benefit from prompt and proper treatment to limit infection, reduce scarring, and promote the healing process. These treatments don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. In fact, a solution as simple as Dakin’s is one proven way to accelerate healing time without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

There is strong evidence suggesting that burn wounds heal more favorably in a wet or moist environment, compared to dry treatment alone. When a wound is kept wet or moist, the wound surface becomes a permeable membrane that absorbs the wound treatment solution, preventing infection and accelerating healing.

Further building on the efficacy of a wet treatment environment is the use of topical antimicrobials. These solutions can slow the septic process and prevent large, hard-to-heal burn wounds from becoming infected before reaching the later stages of healing.

In a study comparing 0.025% Dakin’s Solution to 1% silver sulfadiazine for the treatment of partial-thickness burns, Dakin’s Solution demonstrated greater efficacy and effectiveness. According to the researcher’s results, Dakin’s Solution improved healing time by three days, making it a superior option for second-degree burn wound care.

This study and others show that Dakin’s Solution can be used to advance healing and effectively treat burn wounds resulting from various burn sources, including friction, cold, heat, radiation, chemicals, electricity, hot liquids, solids, and fires.

Any medical professional or patient can purchase Dakin’s for burn care. Here’s how:

Dakin’s Wound Cleanser and Wound Cleanser Pro can be ordered on our website or through Medical Monks. All Dakin’s Solution formulations are also available over-the-counter at most major pharmacies.

When you order Dakin’s Wound Cleanser or Wound Cleanser Pro, you may notice these products are sold as medical devices. This gives healthcare providers and their purchasing departments the added flexibility they need to purchase and stock Dakin’s directly on their supply shelves, rather than routing every purchase through their hospital pharmacy. It also makes affordable burn wound care solutions even more accessible for the patients who need it most.

With a two-year shelf life and proven efficacy against a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and molds, Dakin’s Solution is the easy first choice for a variety of burns, wounds, and everyday injuries.

Proper wound care for burns is critical for preventing infections, promoting healing, and minimizing scarring

While there are several challenges associated with burn wound healing, Dakin’s Solution offers a promising and effective treatment option for medical professionals and their patients. Its ability to create a favorable healing environment, its proven efficacy against a variety of microorganisms, and its accessibility make it a valuable addition to any wound care treatment plan.


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